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Recent enquiries
  • Architect - Chimney removal


    Remove the chimney from the centre of the bungalow.

  • Architect - 6m rear extension (B £30-60K)

    Barking and Dagenham

    Planning a 6 metre rear extension to my property.

  • Architect - New build 2 bed bungalow (B £60-150K)


    Planning and build of a two bed bungalow at the rear of the garden of our current property.

  • Architect - Building regs for kitchen extension (B £30-60K)


    Kitchen extension, building regs required.

  • Architect - Turning a large detached house into apartments (B £300-600K)


    Turning a large detached house into apartments. No phone calls please. I'd prefer to be contacted via...

  • Architect - Redevelop commercial property into flats (B £1M+)


    Redevelopment of commercial property into residential flats.

  • Architect - Loft conversion plans & building regulations advice (B £30-60K)


    I would like plans and building regulations advice regarding loft conversion.

  • Architect - Garage convesion to living area drawings & structural calculations


    Need garage conversion to living area drawings and structural calculation.

  • Architect - Addition of single storey extension to link detached bungalow (B £30-60K)


    I am requesting quotes on behalf of my sister, she is in the process of purchasing the property. Addition...

  • Architect - Convert garage & build a master bedroom on top (B £30-60K)


    Garage conversion and master bedroom to be built on top of garage utility room.

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