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Recent enquiries
  • Architect - Extend front ground floor portion


    I'm wanting to extend the front ground floor portion of my house. This would mean a new front door and...

  • Architect - Extend conservatory with brick wall ends


    Extend conservatory with brick wall ends incorporating a gas log burner and shower toilet.

  • Architect - 2 storey side & single storey back extensions (B £60-150K)


    Drawing up plans for a 2 storey extension to the side of the property on current drive and single storey...

  • Architect - Building a container home in the South of France (B £60-150K)


    I'm looking into building a container home in the South of France. I have a basic floor plan.

  • Architect - 2 storey extension on semi-detached house (B £30-60K)


    I would like a 2 storey extension on the side of the house, which will be approx. 3 metres wide x 7 metres...

  • Architect - Rear extension (B £60-150K)


    I'm looking to add a rear extension.

  • Architect - Change of use from from A1 to D1


    Need to submit change of use planning to the council ASAP from A1 to D1 use.

  • Architect - Detached house remodel (B £30-60K)


    Building regulation drawings, a schedule of works and inspections required to completion. Some drawings...

  • Architect - Side & loft extension (B £30-60K)


    Side extension and loft extension.

  • Architect - Loft conversion & ground floor extension (B £30-60K)


    Plans for loft conversion and approval for ground floor extension.

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